How it Works

At, we specialise in a core selection of commonly used LED bulbs in the home and feature our unique ‘room by room selection’ tool to create an LED bulb shopping list for an easy home switch. Only want to purchase bulbs individually? No problem, we have that option to: 

To get started, read the information below to identify what type of bulbs you’ll require for the switch. When ready, visit the shop page and start building your LED home shopping list.

Step 1: Select Your Bulbs 

Using the table below, select what bulbs are the best equivalent for your home. TIP: Check what incandescent bulb is currently used as a starting point. We recommend the 9W bulb for all standard rooms.


Step 2: Select Your Fittings
The two most common household bulb fittings are the E27 (screw fitting) or the B22 (pin fitting). Compare current incandescent bulbs using below guide to select the type required for each room. 



Step 3: Select Your Ambience
There are two key ambience colours to select from. Use the table below as a guide to select the colour best suited for each room. TIP: Ambience is a personal choice, some prefer a warm white (relaxed ambience) in the kitchen & bathroom areas for example.


Step 4: Done! Ready for Delivery
When we receive your order the LedMyHome team will pick, pack & dispatch by courier next business day.
Enjoy Free Home Delivery when you purchase 12 bulbs or more and get the piece of mind of our no hassle return policy.. after all, we are all about great service!

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